Let’s say hello and yes to the pain inside,
No matter if you cry
Everyone and each of us,
is lovely in his mind

these funny things, always open my doors,
these funny things, got me wanting for more

Ohh its possible,
YES it´s possible if you try,
Ohh its possible,
and we fly (reach out and touch the sky)

Ohh it´s possible , yeah possible if you try,
Oh it´s possible , yeah possible here tonight!!

I wish I had a time machine –
or a travel guide to mars,
go back or forth in history
where i can loose my scars

trust everything, when your heart says something
open your mind, and you will see what you will find

Everything is possible,
yeah possible if you try,
everything is possible,
reach out and touch the sky

I can find the love inside, thats how I ease my pain
be strong enough to face the fight
and if you loose, try it again


Lyrics and composition by Leo Aberer